Liposculpture of the body


Liposculpture of the body

(Liposuction, lipoaspiration, lipofilling, liposhifting)

Goal: Recontouring the body figure by removing excessive fat from different parts of the body: hips, back, upper abdomen, buttocks, knees, ancles etc. Removed fat can be filtrated and reused as fat injections to correct skin irregularities, impressions, wrinkles, thin lips, cheeks, bottom enhancement etc.

Surgical technique: Through small stab skin incisions using special thin cannulas, fat is aspirated. Cannulas can be different in size and shape (2-6 mm in diameter) in order to remove fat from different layers equally. Prior to aspiration, infiltration of fat with saline solution, adrenaline and local anesthetic can be performed for comfort of the patient and prevention of complications.

Duration and anesthesia: Depending on the region . Usually local, peridural with analgosedation or general anesthesia.

Recovery: Usual activities after 7 days. Immediately after procedure, special compresion garments are worn for three weeks in order to allow excessive skin to retract.

Rare complications: Transitory bruises and mild edema which disappear within two weeks. Transitory sensitivity disorders of the skin, irregularities of the skin contour, are also possible. To avoid this complication early massage and lymphatic drainage are suggested.



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