Rejuvenation of the skin by P.R.P. method


Rejuvenation of the skin by P.R.P. method

The plasma rich platelets isolated from patientown blood is enriched in a specific manner , after which the resulting content is used for:

  • rejuvenation of theskin- face, neck, chest, back of the hands, the intimate region with women
  • Added along with autologous adipose tissue in augmentationmethods.

Intervention is safe and comfortable to use. It is administrated under local anesthesia, (anesthetic cream), and takes up to 90 minutes. The recovery period is short.

The recommendation is to do treatment monthly, in a series of 3- 5 times. By using this method achieves better skin tone, unified skin color, as well as correction of thefine wrinkles

The method is performed by the medical trained specialists.



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