Phototherapy treatment with green light spectrum lamps in the range of 380- 560 nm, which do not contain harmful UVA and UVB rays and do not cause tanning of the skin or changes in the level of melanocytes, which is essential for fair-skinned people and those who are photosensitive, (sensitive to the sun).

These lamps can affect the:

  • Increasing levels of vitamin D, a therapeutic or preventive effects against the diseases related to vitamin D deficiency, (osteoporosis).
  • Stimulation of neurohormones, (serotonin – the hormone of happiness, acetilholon, B – endorphins), which enables retrieval of mental status of the person, (more energy, reduce depression).
  • Skin rejuvenation, creating a new layer of collagen within the dermis cells, which allows treatment of scars, stretch marks, cellulite.
  • Analgesic effect, which is reflected in the reduction of pain caused by inflammation of tendons, muscles, bruised.

The list of therapeutic and preventive effects is an imposing, autoimmune diseases, allergies, rheumatic arthritis, cancer, blood vessels, heart disease, in one word, everything what science has recently discovered about exceptional importance of vitamin D and its impact on health and quality of life. Studies have confirmed that almost half of adult population has a deficit of this vitamin. For its creation is necessary sunlight, and a certain diet. But stressful lifestyle and lack of proper sun exposure led to almost epidemic lack of this vitamin with all the listed consequences.

Phototherapy is a completely new technology and a unique opportunity to help your body, either through preventive care or through a treatment of progressed skin changes, without exposing your skin to necessary risk. The treatment is painless, fast, takes only fifteen minutes, it is harmless for broad population, it is especially important in the winter months.


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