Mesotherapy represents medical method applied in order to rejuvenate  skin of the face and body. The most commonly treated areas are the face, neck, décolleté, back of hands, although other regions of the body can be treated successfully.

Mesotherapy involves injection of specific active substances into the designated layers of the skin.

Depending on the way of the application, products penetrate in a particular layer of the skin, causing desired effects.

Mesotherapy is originally a technique that is performed by use of needles, although there are alternate methods of application by the use of rollers or devices (no needle technique).

The best results are achieved by injecting active substances into the dermis where the following anatomic  structures are based : blood vessels, nerve fibers, fibroblasts … By applying product into deeper layers of the dermis  and thus binding water to it we enable  long-term hydration, better turgor and elasticity of the skin in treated areas.

Using a roller and other devices for mesotherapy are reaching only to the deeper layers of the epidermis, and by doing so effects last for only 28 days, after which they are eliminated through the skin regeneration process.

Depending on the composition of cocktails we can treat various skin problems: dehydration, loss of tone, fine lines, pigmentation, acne and other irregularities.

Mesotherapy is low invasive method, safe and comfortable for the patient.

Depending on the type of treatment and the problems to be treated, it  is carried out at regular intervals in a series of 3 – 8 times . It is desirable to repeat the procedure two times a year.

In order to maintain the results once achieved it can be performed on once a month bases.

It is performed in local anesthesia (anesthetic cream), and the whole procedure lasts up to 30 minutes. Patients can continue with their regular activities immediately after treatment.

Mesotherapy should always be performed by the trained medical specialists.



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