Chemical medical peelings


Chemical medical peelings

The objective of a peeling is to correct the ageing of the skin, pigmentation marks, acne scars, sebhorrea… The skin texture is honed, the complexion clearer and more glowing. Light, average and dark peelings can be made out according to the depth of the skin treated. All must be carried out in an experienced Doctor’s surgery. Effective peeling is not a “super exfoliation” which can be practised at home.

Skin Tech has perfected a range of peelings adapted for all skin types.

Easy Phytic Solution

A surface peeling with a progressive action for patients who do not want removal. It makes the complexion uniform and gives a tensor effect. Treatment to be repeated once or twice a week. Social life is not affected.

Easy TCA: a good appearance rediscovered.

Recommended for the treatment of acne marks and scars, it also gives a spark to tired skin. It is painless and to be repeated four times (once a week). With no interruption to your working life it must done at lunch time.



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