Filling Products


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Filling Products

With application of fillers we are able to improve and resolve wrinkles, tissue defects, contouring and “volumize” certain parts of the face and body.

They are usually divided in two groups:

  • a. Natural – autologous tissue (fat, PRP), collagen, hyaluronic acid.
  • b. Synthetic – biopolymer, Aquamid, met acrylic.

By using natural or synthetic fillers we are able to achieve an identical effect; it is only the matter of duration of their presence in the tissue that differs due the specific and various biochemical composition. “Natural” fillers are dissolving and can retain in the tissue up to a year. Synthetic fillers are able to persist in tissues for several years.

Application of filler falls in low-invasive type of an intervention. The appropriate type of filler is placed after application of anesthetic creams.

Side effects include tissue reactions in the form of redness, minor swelling and the hematoma, which do disappear swiftly.

Complications are rare and are related to the nature of the filler or improper application.



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