Elimination of cellulite


Elimination of cellulite

Most effective treatments for removing cellulite are

  • Dermaxm RF
  • Injectable ALIDYA cocktails.

DERMAX RF technology is based on the use of ultrasound and radiofrequency energy. Applying DERMAX RF laser accomplishes fat loss while tightening the skin of the treated region.

DERMAX RF frees ultrasonic waves which ruptures the outer layer of fat cells, and then releases radiofrequency energy under which the content of fat cells is converted into an emulsion, which will be eliminated from the body by lymphatic system in approximately 7 days. RF energy simultaneously stimulates skin fibroblasts, while restructuring of collagen fibers, improves the tension and skin tone.

DERMAX RF laser treatment is painless and, depending on the number of treated areas takes up to 40 minutes. It is necessary to repeat the treatment for seven days in a series of 3-5 times.

DERMAX RF laser can be combined with liposuction or surgical AQUALIX cocktails in order to achieve better results.

ALIDYA is applied in the prevention and in therapy of an already existing cellulite. ALIDYA causes cell regeneration of adipose tissue and improvement in the skin of the treated region.

ALIDYA be applied once a week in the superficial, fibrous altered adipose tissue. The treatment is quick, painless and without accompanying side effects. The number of treatments depends on the size and degree of cellulite affected region.

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