Application of DERMAX RF laser in skin rejuvenation


Application of DERMAX RF laser in skin rejuvenation

Dermax RF laser skin rejuvenation is applied for the purpose of toning the skin and stimulating collagen formation.

DERMAX RF laser technology is based on ultrasound and radiofrequency energy, whose synergies contributes to the stimulation of fibroblasts and encouraging the creation of collagen fibers, which causes tightening of the skin, improve skin tone, shrink pores and eliminate the shallow wrinkles.

The application is comfortable, painless method without undesirable side effects. It can be practiced throughout the year. The treatment lasts 30 minutes. The number of recommended treatments is 3-5 depending on the condition of the skin, with the pause between treatments in duration of 7 to 10 days.

It is recommended for people in their thirties as a form of prevention, while in the later years it is applied therapeutically.

To achieve and maintain adequate results it is advisable to do a series of treatments twice a year.



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