3D Meso threads


3D Meso threads

3D Meso threads are used in the treatment of facial skin tightening and body, filling wrinkles as well as improving skin tone and structure.

3D Meso threads are made of a biodegradable material which is retained in the skin for 6 to 8 months. They are completely safe to use, free of unwanted side-of effects.

Treatment is performed with the use of a topical anesthetic; it is quick and comfortable for the patient. After the intervention, patients can immediately return to their normal activities.

With the use of 3D Meso threads we accomplish a non-surgical facelift .By placing it in certain regions of the face we lift and tighten the skin of the forehead, upper eyelids, middle and lower parts of the face. This method can also reduce and correct such problems as the double chin or wrinkles. 3D Meso threads are used for tightening the skin in the upper arm, abdomen, thighs, and knees. The result of intervention is visible immediately, but after 4 – 6 weeks full effect is achieved, which can persist up to three years.

The quantity of threads needed for the intervention is determined after the examination and depend on the anatomic region and the state of the patient’s skin.

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